PSC Stainless Steel 26 to 48 Inch Linear Trench Drain Shower Kits

PSC Stainless Steel 26 to 48 Inch Linear Trench Drain Shower Kits by Pro-Source Center

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PSC Stainless Steel 26 to 48 In Linear Trench Drain Shower Kit with Options for Pre-sloped Shower Pans

PSC Linear Drain Shower Kits
  • Super Heavy Duty Stainless Steel Drain Channel
  • Industry highest performance PSC WP surface waterproofing components
  • Easy grate height adjustment
  • Optional low-profile polystyrene pan components
  • Easiest high-performance installation

PSC Shower Stainless Steel Linear Trench Drain Shower Kit

  • Heavy Duty Stainless Steel Linear Drain Channel Construction
  • Much heavier and sturdier than competition
  • Nearly impossible to rack, bend, damage or cause membrane debonding
  • 3 Dimensional Slope built into channel body
  • Easily integrated into polystyrene or mud-packed sloped floors
  • Pre-sloped high-density polystyrene panels are available - choose from menu
  • Paired with PSC WP high-performance surface waterproofing systems
  • Easy grate height adjustment
  • Pan pieces can be easily trimmed for custom fit. Small gaps in a custom layout may be filled with Dry-pack mortar
  • Use this kit for 32x60 or similar size applications - choose a 48x60 or 48x72 layout option


  • Your Choice Length Stainless Steel Drain Body with Centered Bottom 2" Outlet
  • Selected Pattern or Type (standard options are brushed stainless steel) Grate Cover with Adjustable Height Feet
  • PSC WP Waterproof Flashing with Adhesive for Transitioning to WP Shower Membrane
  • Serviceable and replaceable hair trap
  • 108 Square Feet WP Membrane for 48x48 kit, 135 SF for larger kits
  • 33 Linear Feet 5" wide WP seaming band for 48x48 kit, 41 LF for larger kits
  • For the NO PAN option where you plan to dry-pack mortar the sloped floor, the kit includes a base 108 SF WP membrane and 33 linear feet 5" wide WP seaming band. See related component links to add additional material if needed.
  • 4 Pre-shaped WP Inside Corners for pan area
  • OPTIONAL high-density low-profile polystyrene Pre-sloped Pan Sections to provide enough components for a customized layout up to the selected size and drain configuration.

Grate Style Choices (Polished versions also available but not shown):

PSC_Linear_Channel_Inside_Sloped_View_Annotated.jpg PSC_Linear_Grate_Bottom_Feet_View_500.jpg PSC_Linear_Pans_Dims.jpg


  • Pre-sloped pan panels have a 2 ft x 2 ft footprint each and come in a Panel A thickness 0.13 inch to 0.63 inch, Panel B thickness 0.63 inch to 1 inch and Panel C thickness 1 inch to 1.37 inch.(see diagram photo) However, none of the pan layout options for this kit require a Panel C.
  • All pan sections are trimmable and customizable for your unique layout. For the popular 3x5 bathtub space, you will use a 48x60 or 48x72 layout.
  • When choosing NO PAN option when planning to dry-pack mud the sloped floor, the kit comes with a base 108 SF of WP membrane and 33 LF of WP seaming band typically suitable for up to 32 x 60 or 48 x 48 layouts. For larger layouts, be sure to order additional WP and band material.
  • Many installers are installing these linear shower drain systems with a curb-less entry in mind (a primary reason for low-profile sloped pan sections.) These kits do not address curb options, so if you decide to implement traditional curb layouts. Please see the links for high-density polystyrene curb options if you want a curb and do not wish to build a curb substrate from lumber and board. Also, WP outside corners are recommended for integration of curb features in shower installations (see link.)
  • The seam band "flashing" that is included for your drain allows a transition flashing to permanently bond to your stainless steel drain flange. Do not attempt to bypass use of this component - the WP membrane will not reliably bond to stainless steel with thin-set mortar unless it overlaps/interfaces with the flashing. The flashing material itself bonds to the stainless steel with a very aggressive permanent butyl adhesive.

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