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Tell me about the credit application.
We need to establish an account to determine what pricing structure to offer you depending on the products you would be purchasing. We offer store credit to businesses with substantial order volume that can demonstrate credit worthiness.
What is "special pricing" or a "price agreement"?
You can set up special price agreements with us for particular products. We evaluate each customer's pricing on a case-by-case basis depending upon the nature of your business and expected sales volume.
How do I set up a price agreement?
You will need contact us by phone or through the contact form so that we can discuss what pricing we can offer you.
I set up a price agreement, but it isn't showing up on the website.
You may need to give us a day or two to update our system. However, if it seems to be taking a long time, please call or let us know through the contact form. If using contact form, select "Website problem or other technical issue" as the Inquiry Type.
The site has stopped showing my special pricing for an item.
Make sure you're logged into your account. If you are, try logging out and logging back in. If that does not solve the problem, please call us.

Registration & Pricing

The box I received shows a different product from what is inside it.
To be environmentally-friendly and to offer you more competitive prices, we re-use all our packing materials.
It looks like my box has been opened and re-sealed.
We inspect many of our products before shipping them to be sure that they are undamaged and complete. Please contact us right away if there is anything missing from your shipment.


Shower Kits

What is included in a Pre-Sloped Pan type Pro Gen II shower kit?
  • Shower pan (with extension sets for larger sizes)
  • 108 - 216 square feet of waterproofing membrane (possibly more on larger kits)
  • 33 - 66 linear feet of waterproof joint band
  • Four pre-shaped membrane inside corners
  • One drain flange with ABS or PVC neck (check your local standards for using ABS or PVC)
  • Drain grate riser with construction plug and hair trap
  • Drain grate
  • (Optional) high-density polystyrene curb sections (combinations of two, three, or four foot sections)
  • (Optional) two outside corners for the curb
Why would I want to use a high-performance Pro Gen II waterproofing kit instead of traditional buried rubber liner methods?

Whether you install a pre-sloped high-density polystyrene pan or dry pack the sloped floor yourself, modern waterproofing installation systems like Gen II save you time, provide superior results & performance and eliminate most problems that would result in a call back to the job. There is no need to create a "pre-slope" for a buried rubber liner only to have to add another thicker, sloped mud-pack bed on top of that for the tile. Gen II systems only a require a single sloped floor bed.

Traditional installation methods allow water/moisture to "stew" in the floor under the tile for long periods of time. Moisture migration through the cement and dry-pack underneath the tile takes a long time and is subject to being trapped permanently by variations in the slope of the rubber liner. Sometimes traditional rubber-liner installations, that were basically sound, will fail due to enough moisture or water building up in the floor and to the corners, where moisture finds a weakness in the rubber liner folds behind the wall board. This problem can be exacerbated further if too much portland cement was used in the dry-pack mix (which slows moisture migration even more).

Even a perfectly executed rubber-liner dry-pack install does nothing for the walls. Additional waterproofing solutions will need to be applied to the wall. Unfortunately, these combinations of waterproofing only offer a cascading overlap - not a completely sealed system. Furthermore, cracking of grout is chronic in corners and joints of these types of installs - to the point that many contractors will use 100% silicone in these areas from day one!

Modern Gen II systems eliminate most of the above-mentioned challenges. The thin sheet polyethylene WP membrane gets applied to the surface of all substrates. The thin construction of the membrane allows overlapping continually for infinite customized coverage. With a tested waterproof rating of less than 0.07 PERM, the membrane is suitable for both regular showers and steam environments. Since tile or stone products are bonded directly to the installed waterproofing surface itself, there is very little area for water or moisture to collect. Moisture is halted directly below the tile-thin-set surface and quickly evaporates once the water exposure ends. Gen II WP membrane also serves as an anti-crack isolation membrane for the tile and grout. With Gen II WP, you will be able to properly grout every part of your tile installation - even corners and joints.

Modern Gen II waterproofing installation systems save you time and installation labor, while providing high performance long-term water/vapor proofing and crack isolation.

Should I install a Mud Kit (dry-pack mortar and surface WP membrane) or use a pre-formed polystyrene pan?

Pre-formed pans are easily modifiable and easy to install on any substrate. They are great for DIY, as well as for a fast and clean installation by a professional. Pre-formed pan kits work best for floor tile of at least 2" x 2" in size, but can work for tiny mosaic floors with additional installation steps.

If you:

  • have a specialized custom shower shape,
  • have unusual double offset drain locations,
  • have a shower much larger than 72"x72",
  • are installing tile smaller than 2"x2",
  • or just want an incredibly strong shower,

you should look into a "Mud Kit", like the PSC Gen II Mud kit, that utilizes a dry-pack concrete floor and our modern WP surface waterproofing system.

Why is the PSC GEN II shower kit better than the rest? (Schluter Kerdi, Prova, Pro custom)

The PSC GEN II shower system comes in pre-formed pan or mud (mortar) pans for your preference. They have the same level of warrantee as competing brands (Schluter Kerdi, Prova), but the GEN II system has many improvements and often totals to a lower price than competitors.

  • The PSC Pro GEN II systems use the PRO-WP membrane which is rated at 0.07 PERM or less for water vapor, meaning it is the best protection you can get in a membrane system. The TCNA requires a PERM rating of 0.5 for use in steam showers.
  • The Pro WP waterproofing systems are rated for use with Modified thin-set mortars, meaning a stronger install and ease of material sourcing. Modified thin-set mortars are higher-quality products with finer sand aggregate that mix up smooth and creamy, stick and grab onto the membrane more easily, and provide sufficient bond strength and grab for difficult installation products like glass (Modified thin-sets are often required for installing porcelain or glass tiles).
  • Our pre-molded pre-sloped pan system is stronger - it features a higher-density polystyrene for better performance.
  • The Pro GEN II drain flanges are supported by both the pan and the sub-floor, meaning that the installed Gen II flange provides higher reliability than the competitors' flanges, which rely only on the pan for support. PSC GEN II flanges offer 780 psi compression strength compared to 200 psi for competing equipment. PSC GEN II flanges offer full lateral and height adjustment (even tilt adjustment), while providing weep drainage at the riser assembly. With no screws to lose, friction-fit grate covers offer easy and frequent access to integrated hair traps in the riser assembly.
What does "modified thin-set mortar" mean?
Modified thin-set is an industry term for any thin-set mortar which has additives (usually latex or acrylic, but could include up to 10,000 different polymers). These thin-set mortar adhesives come in contractor multi-purpose grades all the way up to high-end super-bond strength formulations or mortars designed to aid in setting large-format tiles on walls or floors. They are often labeled modified, fortified, latex or other marketing names.
Is "X" brand thin-set a modified or unmodified thinset?
For shower kits most of the modified thin-sets you are looking for are listed as compliant with ANSI 118.4 (minimum 300 psi shear strength) and/or 118.15 enhanced (450 psi shear strength) and ANSI 118.1. Unmodified thin-sets will be listed as compliant with only ANSI 118.1 (200 psi shear strength). Any of these ANSI designations may also add a letter 'E', 'F' or 'T' to designate 'E'xtended working time, 'F'ast set or 'T' for non-sag vertical performance. (Shear strength is for 7 days dry glazed tile.)
Why is Modified thin-set better for my installation?
Modified thin-sets are stronger once cured. Most have additional anti-crack features, and better initial tack / grab (AKA less "slump"). They also are often required for use with porcelain and glass tile.
Can I use Modified thin-set with the Schluter / Kerdi System?
Usually no. Schluter does not allow for use of modified thin-sets with their system in nearly all installations - it will void your warranty with them. Because of this awkward situation, Schluter have created a Schluter-branded thin-set mortar called All-Set which is lightly modified and can be used with all Schluter systems. The PSC GEN II and WP systems allow installers to use the modified thin-set mortar of their choice (quality name brand - contractor grade to super high-performance), as long as it is not a pre-mixed product in a bucket.
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