About PSC America

PSC America is a manufacturer located in Eastern Washington State. Our company offers a wide variety of high-performance installation, waterproofing, drainage and finishing components required for the installation of tiled showers, baths, wet rooms, steam rooms, linear drains, floors, raised floors and decks, outdoor drainage, etc. Many of our signature products like Gen II Tile Waterproofing Kits provide maximum installation flexibility while offering industry-leading performance, features and competitive pricing.

At PSC America, our mission focuses on developing and producing products that provide a clear advantage over other designs. PSC leveling-spacer systems offer quick, easy, economical installations that require no special tools, while our PSC shower systems provide the best waterproofing performance in the industry, super-duty drain flanges, integrated hair traps and fully-adjustable grate setup. Along with other unique best-in-class products designed for superior flooring installations, we offer the tools and supplies needed by both contractors and do-it-yourselfers. In addition to amazing linear drain systems for indoor showers, PSC now offers a comprehensive array of outdoor trench drainage systems along with raised installation systems for tile, stone and decks.


The name PSC (Pro Supply Center) was established in 2008, but the company, previously known as Saunders Interiors, was established in 1946. Throughout the decades, Saunders Interiors maintained a persistent reputation for excellence for just about any interior installation or remodel. The current ownership took over from the retiring founder Harold K Saunders in 1991 and continued to elevate the bar for installation excellence. The company's proficiency started with Tile and Stone, then expanded into all other aspects of building & home renovations. With decades of experience shared with our in-house experts, our associates are available to guide you through your installation projects ranging from basic tub replacements to exotic custom walk-in showers and more. We are focused on delivering the highest-quality products and service to large and small companies all over the North America and beyond.

PSC Products

Waterproofing for Showers, Baths, Steam Rooms and More

  • Complete customizable Gen II tile waterproofing kits - various size configurations
  • PSC Gen II Drain systems including stainless steel linear drains up to 6 feet long
  • Additional PSC components, tools and finishing touches needed for completion

Tile and Stone Leveling and Spacing Systems

  • Competitive systems for leveling and spacing tile that are simple and easy-to-use
  • PSC Quick Level, Zin Level, Penta and a full line of standard PSC tile spacers

Outdoor Trench Drains

  • Numerous options designed for foot traffic up to units to handle 40 ton loads
  • Systems that offer linear or 90 degree connections with multiple outlet options
  • Entry-level systems are pricing competitive while offering very high performance

Raised Tile, Stone and Deck Surface Installation Systems

  • Lay tile, stone or decks on a raised installation platform
  • PSC Arkimede and Level-Up systems

Location and Contact Information


(800) 369-5458 (Sales/Support)

(509) 332-4941 (Fax)

Mon-Fri 7:00 a.m - 5:00 p.m PST


227 E. Main St

Pullman, WA 99163


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