Complete Shower Kits

Are you a contractor or a DIY-er? Do you want to use a preformed slope pan or slope the floor yourself with dry-pack mortar? Need a shower curb? Maybe you're looking for just a drain? No matter what your answers to these questions are, if you need to build a completely waterproof tiled shower assembly, here you can find the right kit.

Mud Floor Shower Kits

Kits for simplifying creation of properly sloped shower floor (mud) beds with dry-pack mortar. PSC Mud Kits include a drain kit and waterproofing membrane.

Mud Floor Shower Kits - No Drain

No-drain versions of the mud kits.

Pan Shower Kits

These kits include quick and easy to install prefabricated shower pans, ready to be tiled on. Includes the shower pan, waterproofing membrane, waterproof corners & pipe seals, as well as a drain kit.

Pan Shower Kits - No Drain

Pre-formed pan kits without a drain included.

Tub and Shower Base Surrounds

Kits for waterproofing bathtub and shower base surrounds.

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