PSC Trench 40in Linear Drains Pegasus Plus One S - Pedestrian Traffic

Trench 40in Linear Drains Pegasus Plus One S - Pedestrian Traffic by PSC

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PSC Trench 40in Linear Drains Pegasus Plus One S - Pedestrian Traffic

Built for Residential and non-residential where surface water control is desirable:

  • Including foot & cycle traffic
  • Durable design that includes premounted grate
  • Fast and easy to install.
  • Design allows continuous linear or 90 degree connections
  • Side and bottom outlet options

Channel does not come with the (optional) end-cap block/end-cap outlet plate set - please refer to separate suggested listings for those parts

Built for Residential and non-residential including foot and cycle traffic where surface water control is desirable. The PSC CH Exterior drains are fast and easy to install.

PSC Trench and Driveways Drain Instructions

Trench drains are Nominally 40" long x 4" wide x 2" tall (1-3/8" deep inside)

(Exact 1 Meter x 100mm x 49mm {with 35mm inner depth})

  • POZ90-1335P Gray
  • POZ90-1335PN Black
  • POZ90-1335PB White
  • The Pegasus Plus One S offers excellent connection flexibility
  • Sections can be connected end-to-end for a nearly infinite linear run
  • Drain end offers a 90 degree connection option - making it easy to change direction or form a perimeter
  • Optional end plate 2-pack (see separate listing) includes a plain stop and a (sealed) 1-1/4" outlet connection
  • You would need an end-plate 2-pack for every two connected channels plus an additional 2-pack for the last segment
  • UV-stabilized PP (Polypropylene)
  • Channels have been designed to allow cutting bottom of channel for drainage outlet below with 1-1/2" and 2-1/2" options (40/63mm)
  • a = 100mm
  • a1 = 72mm
  • b = 35mm
  • c = 14mm
  • d = 105mm
  • e = 49mm

OPTIONAL outlet plates come in 2-pack. One is basic, the other has a ~1-1/4" sealed outlet molded in the cover. Knock out center of molded outlet to create a drainage outlet.

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