PSC Arkimede Raised Deck System - Adjustable Deck Support Head

Arkimede Raised Deck System - Adjustable Deck Support Head by PSC

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PSC Arkimede Raised Floor System Deck Adjustable Support Head for wood, joists and other decking includes base, rotating nut, head

Choose Quantity of Adjustable Deck Supports Needed

Component can raise deck surface point from 1-3/8" (30mm) to 2-3/8" (60mm

Combination of Support Head and other components can raise point on deck floor between 30mm 1-3/8" to 60mm 2-3/8"

  • Includes base support, rotating adjustment nut and support head
  • Support head for Decking, Joists and other Raised Wood Surfaces
  • Can be easily accessorized for your required height requirement (see additional accessories)
  • Easy and affordable to create an elevated deck surface area

This is a single component - an adjustable deck support head - for a raised flooring system requiring multiple units dependent on the amount of decking or joists to support.

If you are raising your floor more than 1-3/8" (30mm) to 2-3/8" (60mm), you will need a combination of additional easy extensions for each support point.

Please see other accessories to create a complete installation system.

Make elevating decking and wood surfaces a cinch without breaking the bank

  • Depending on the support head used, the PSC Arkimede system can elevate hard surface material or wood decks.
  • The support heads for this listing are for wood, joists and other decking materials
  • The installation system can be permanent or temporary.
  • This system assumes that there is already suitable established drainage (if needed) below elevated floor.
  • Adjustable - each support can be set to a different height to compensate for uneven substrate.
  • For heights above 2-3/8" (60mm), use a combination of 1, 2 or 4 inch extensions in conjunction with the support head.
  • Head support assemblies, base units and optional extensions universally lock one piece to the next with a simple twist.
  • Raised floors and decks can be elevated or virtually any stable surface.
  • Great for installing flat, traffic-friendly surfaces over sloped areas like a flat roof.

Raised hard surface flooring and decks are now in high demand. Other systems designed to tackle the installation have been either pricey, overly complicated or both. The PSC Arkimede raised flooring system dramatically simplifies the task of elevating hard-surface stone or tile slabs from 1-3/8" (30mm) up to 22" (560mm) above the supporting surface. The proper height can be easily achieved by using the appropriate combination of the adjustable support head in conjunction with three different sizes of extensions (photos below show a few of the numerous possibilities.) The substrate can be uneven and can be virtually any stable surface. Depending upon strength requirements of your flooring structure, additional support units can be situated between the joint supports. The PSC Arkimede raised flooring system makes it easy to create a perfectly level hard surface or deck at the height you want (between 1-3/8" (35mm) and 22" (560mm) elevation.)

Numbered Photos below offer the following configuration examples (The 1. Deck Support Head is always used for decks, illustrations 2-6 show a tile head for stacking example only:

  1. Head Assembly only - Support Deck head, Threaded Adjustment Ring and Base allow adjustable height from 1-3/8" (35mm) to 2-3/8" (60mm)
  2. Head Assembly plus one 25mm spacer - Combination allows adjustable height from 2-3/8" (60mm) to 3-3/8" (85mm)
  3. Head Assembly plus one 50mm spacer - Combination allows adjustable height from 3-3/8" (85mm) to 4-3/8" (110mm)
  4. Head Assembly plus one 100mm spacer - Combination allows adjustable height from 5-3/8" (135mm) to 6-3/8" (160mm)
  5. Head Assembly plus one 25mm and one 50mm spacer - Combination allows adjustable height from 4-3/8" (110mm) to 5-3/8" (135mm)
  6. Max Height Setup - Head Assembly plus five 100mm spacers- Combination allows adjustable height from 21" (535mm) to 22" (560mm)

There are numerous other combinations possible to achieve the height range you require.

1_PSC_Arkimede_Support_Head_Deck.jpg 2_PSC_Arkimede_Support_Head_Tile_Plus_25mm_Ext.jpg 3_PSC_Arkimede_Support_Head_Tile_Plus_50mm_Ext.jpg 4_PSC_Arkimede_Support_Head_Tile_Plus_100mm_Ext.jpg 5_PSC_Arkimede_Support_Head_Tile_Plus_2x50mm_Ext_2.jpg 6_PSC_Arkimede_Support_Head_Tile_Plus_5x100mm_Ext.jpg PSC_Arkimede_Anti-Noise_Rubber_Top_Shim_Caption.jpg PSC_Arkimede_Anti-Noise_Rubber_Bottom_Shim_Caption_2.jpg PSC_Arkimede_Install_in_Corner.jpg PSC_Arkimede_Raised_Deck_Joist1.jpg PSC_Arkimede_Raised_Deck_Systems2.jpg PSC_Arkimede_Raised_Deck_Joist3.jpg PSC_Arkimede_Raised_Deck_Joist2.jpg


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