PSC Pro Shower Ramp 36 Inch Tileable

PSC Pro Shower Ramp 36 Inch Tileable by Pro-Source Center

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PSC Pro 36 Inch ADA Shower Ramp substrate to create slope for tile.

  • Dimensions are 36" x 13 7/8"
  • High Density Polystyrene - for use with 4" or larger tiles
  • Substrate form for creating an ADA ramp up to a shower pan edge
  • Specifically designed for PSC Pans.
  • Adaptable to other systems: size trimmable. Chain multiple units for longer ramps.

PSC Pro 36" Shower Ramp

PLEASE NOTE: This component is a molded/cut High Density Polystyrene, substrate component, recommended to be covered with Pro WP membrane before tiling, once covered with PSC Pro WP this item is completely waterproof.

PSC Pro 36 Inch Ramp is a High Density polystyrene (PS 40) shower ramp specifically designed to integrate with PRO Gen 2 and other shower systems, Pro WP, and Pro GEN II Drain.

PSC 36

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