Pro 32 x 60 Inch Offset Drain Shower Pan for Shower Systems

Pro 32 x 60 Inch Offset Drain Shower Pan for Shower Systems by Pro-Source Center

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Pro Sloped Shower Pan for Tile Shower Systems

One component for an easy to install

Waterproof Shower pan

for maintenance-free waterproofed tiled showers.

This shower pan may be used with modified or unmodified thinset waterproofing membranes such as PSC WP, etc.

32 x 60 Offset Drain Pro Sloped Pan for Shower Systems

This is a construction component as part of a waterproofing installation system - This is NOT a finished product like a fiberglass pan. This is NOT a single-item solution for tiled showers - other components will be required. This product requires a waterproof membrane to make it ready for tiling. You must use a drain system designed for polyethylene membrane or a membrane flashing adapter to tie into the pan's waterproof membrane. Additional membrane components will be required to waterproof up the walls.

  • Prefabricated sloped pan eliminates mortar bed, reducing weight and installation time.
  • System includes ready-to-install pre-cut sloped pan.
  • Pan is pre-sloped for optimal drainage.
  • System may use modified thinset for better adhesion and to help eliminate failure possibilities.
  • Package includes one 32" x 60" Shower Pan.

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